Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome Bible Study About Love!

Often books about love address one aspect of loving--the act itself, but not what is behind the love. It is the heart that is behind the love that matters and this is what Cynthia Heald digs into in this study. She addresses what love is, what it looks like, what it means to love one another, forgiving one another and reconciling, as well as how to speak to one another in love. I was blessed by this study as I have been by the others studies I have done by her. Her studies point you to the Word not to yourself or to popular psychology. This study would be a wonderful one to do to by yourself or with a Bible study. Often I find that small groups actually do "book" studies with questions attached that point people to the Word and to their own hearts and experiences. I would describe this book as one that points you to the heart of God--a loving heart. This study focuses much more on reading the Word than Ms. Heald's words. There are wonderful quotes and short stories which she shares, but the majority of the study is questions and reading the Bible to see what it says. 

I use Cynthia Heald's Becoming a Woman of series as part of my morning devotionals and I highly recommend them. They are biblical and don't read into the Word and infer things. It is hard to find good Bible studies that don't ask you to infer how the people in the Bible are feeling or expand what the Bible says. But, Cynthia Heald doesn't do that in her studies. She points you to the Word and has you read a lot of passages in the Bible (sometimes singular verses, but also a lot of passages).   This one did include a lot more verses than passages, whereas the other books I've gone through had me look up a lot more passages.

I enjoyed this study and I hope it will encourage you if you go through it!  I know I've written about this series before and it has been a blessing to me =)  So far, I've gone through the books on Prayer, Faith, Grace, and now Love.  And I've really enjoyed each one of them.

Please note that I recieved a complimentary copy of this book for review from NavPress.

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