Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haven't posted much...

I haven't posted much lately.  I also haven't read much lately.  Honestly, I've been very tired.  Since we finished our homeschooling year up, I've had so many errands to catch up on.  We had a garage sale and then I had to take care of the disbursement of leftovers =)

My husband did go to a wedding in Nebraska this past weekend and met a dear couple that he enjoyed getting to know.  The wife suggested two things to him for me.  One was Teaching our daughters to keep home, a home education curriculum for girls about homemaking and Sue Gregg's cookbooks.  I'm looking into both.  Please let me know if you've used either and what you think of them--I'd love to know!

But, the biggest blessing of his trip to Nebraska?  My husband learned to fry amazing fried chicken and came home very thankful for our family.  That's always a blessing =)

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