Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life with 3 children

My husband has been on a trip for work so I try to make the most of the time he's away when he travels.  A lot of times I pick a household project to do, but I've felt pretty tired the past 2 months.  My body won't let me sleep past 6 am no matter what time I go to sleep and I honestly can't remember the last time I slept two nights in a row without waking.  So, maybe that's what it is =)

Anyways, I decided to finally make sure I took time with each of the girls this week.  It takes extra effort on my part to coordinate child care so I know I drag my heels some times.  But, I knew my friend had a light load at her daycare this week so it worked out perfectly.  On Tuesday, I took Autumn to Ollie's to look for activity books for this weekend and a scrapbook (which we weren't able to find), to Dunkin Donuts (I had free coupons =) ), and then to Amazing Glaze to paint pottery.  She picked a princess statue to paint.  She didn't expect it to look perfect and I felt amazed (literally) at how she did not feel stressed or pressed for time even as I did inside because I knew we had a time limit because of Eli's speech therapy apptmt.  I was thankful for God's grace to her in these things.  She thoroughly enjoyed it and spoke of what she would like to paint next year.  It was a very expensive one hour adventure, but well worth it.  I will try and take her again next year.  Then we went to Chikfila and had chicken nuggets and she had an ice dream cone on the way home.  It was an interesting morning.  I realized that I'm not very good at carrying on conversations with Autumn when it's just her and me.  This surprised me and made me realize that I really want a car next that will put all 3 kids right behind me when possible.  With the girls in the back seat, I really don't talk to them that much when we're driving (which is a good opportunity for talking =)).  Autumn missed Sami and she thought of Sami and sharing what she had with her--that's her heart.

This morning, I got to take Sami out.  I chose Storyville for her, which is like a miniature children's museum in a local library here.  We went to Dunkin Donuts first, too, because she wanted to do what Autumn had done.  She even asked for chocolate milk since Autumn had had some.  Then, we went to Storyville and spent an hour there.  She enjoyed it, but I saw how much she engages with Autumn in her play.  But, she was okay being without her and being with just me.  Then, we went to the mall and went on the MerryGoRound, the Disney Store, and to Chikfila.  She enjoyed all 3.  I was proud of her in the Disney Store.  She enjoyed looking, but didn't demand and ask for a lot of things.  I've been working with her on that.  We talk a lot about needs and wants and what we can afford =)  After the mall, we went to Big Lots in search of a horse for her.  We weren't able to find the right one, but I told her we'd go this afternoon.  So, that's where we're going to go in a few minutes--to Target for a Barbie Horse.  It was a blessing to see Sami's greatest strength--her exuberance and energy.  She has such a life in her!

I am thankful I had this time.  It is amazing to me how different my girls are from each other and yet how much they compliment each other in their differences.  Although it was very easy to go everywhere with only one child, I wouldn't trade my 3 for the world.  I do need to work on my stress level though! =)

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Anonymous said...

I love to hear about your time with the girls! I know what you mean about how they really miss their sibs. It is so different having them one on one. When I had the girls over for a sleep over, I missed Charlie and wished he was there but it was nice not having them all!~Colleen