Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Hot Chocolate Reading

It is difficult to find fun fiction to read that I feel good about reading.  But, I picked two books up recently and enjoyed them both.  They were light hearted.  I got to escape--in a good way--for a little while and simply enjoy the good stories.

The first is In Every Heartbeat by Kim Vogel Sawyer. 
Storyline:  The storyline is about three young adults heading off to college from an orphanage where they've grown up together in 1914.  They all have different stories and hurts.  As the book progresses, the story centers around the family of one of the three and what happens when finds them.

Writing:  The writing is good and easy to read.  It isn't very distinct, but it is enjoyable.

Plot:  The plot works.  There are twists and turns that make the story interesting and fun to read.  Honestly, this book is what I expect of historical fiction.  What I liked best about it was that the romance didn't overtake the story.  Because of there is romance involved in the story.  It was a part of the characters' lives, but it was woven in gently.

If you're looking for a fun historical Christian fiction read, I'd definitely recommend it!

Please note that I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review by Bethany House Publishers.

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