Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come....

My girls crack me up.  We have many interesting conversations.  Sometimes Autumn tells me that she doesn't want to become a Mommy when she grows up because it's too much work.  I explain to her that being an adult is work.  Being a Mommy is a good thing.  Sami then asked what surgery you can have so you won't have children.  I asked her why?  She said that she wants to be a construction worker and she can't have children if she does that.  I explained to her that she could, but that she'd have to take a break while she is pregnant.  So, then the conversation switched to who they would marry.

Sami said she would someday marry her brother Eli.  I explained to her that she couldn't.  She asked why.  Well, because you can't.  You're not supposed to.  It's wrong.  None of those explanations worked.  So, finally I said.  "Because God didn't plan it that way.  He has another man for you to marry someday."  That finally satisfied her.

So, then the conversation switched (at Autumn's prompting) to what the name of that man would be.  Autumn decided she likes the names Max, Rick and Eric.  At one point, she (with a big laugh) said she liked the name Rick Monster.  he he he....   Sami said that she likes the names Rick and Eric.

Wouldn't it be funny if one of them actually married someone with one of those names?  Well, maybe not "Rick Monster"....

I'm not sure if I answered all their questions very well, but they were satisfied with my answers.

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