Friday, October 22, 2010

New Small Group Curriculum Books

This morning I ordered two books that I am very excited about.  I discovered that NavPress is now publishing four of Jerry Bridges books in a combined format--the study guide and book together (rather than separately).  The titles now available are:  Respectable Sins, The Practice of Godliness, Transforming Grace, and The Pursuit of Holiness.  I have read Respectable Sins and am now reading the Pursuit of Holiness, both of which I think are wonderful, encouraging, and challenging books.  These books are only available at the NavPress website.  You do have to pay shipping, but I believe it will still work out to be less than buying the book and study guide separately (which are $11 and $8 respectively on Amazon).  In comparison, the Small Group Curriculum book for Pursuit of Holiness on the NavPress website is only $7.45 plus tax and $3.99 UPS ground shipping.

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