Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very practical person

I'm a mom of 3 my purses have to be very practical. I remember when my friend Becky had both a big diaper bag and a little one that she took into stores with her. I followed her example. I'd leave my big bag in the car and take my small one with me. Now that Eli is bigger, I have been able to transition out of the diaper bag stage--but not completely. I still have to be practical and be able to carry all the miscellaneous stuff that I need (including 2 diapers and a few wipes).

Last year, I found a new little bag at a garage sale and I was excited about it. I thought it was very cute and I showed it to a friend and she said, "Oh, how sporty." She said it in that way that I knew she was trying to think of something nice to say because she didn't like it. I understood--we had totally different styles. But, it still hurt a little. It made me realize that I really am very practical in my style.

Remembering the gal's comment, I was so tempted by the Coach purse store this summer--wanting to be a regular gal again who carried a regular purse. But, I realized that 1) it just wasn't me and 2) it just wasn't practical.

So, for Christmas, I got a new purse--my REI backpack purse was showing a lot of wear. I found it on REI =) Here it is. At first, I was unsure about it, but I actually love it. It holds everything, but isn't too big and it's really durable. it was fun to find it on sale at the REI Outlet (for $30) It's the Overland Donner Bag. But, the best part about it was that a stranger stopped me today to ask me where I'd gotten it! And then another woman walked over and asked me too! That made me feel so good! Like I'm not really so strange after all =) I may be different, but maybe not so different--

It's funny how a little compliment can make you feel so good!


Kim said...

I'm with you on the practicality issue. My sisters are girly girls who love shopping at the Coach outlet. Both of my purses were gifts from other people so that tells you a lot about me. I'm out of the diaper bag stage now, but I like the bag you picked. As long as you have something small and girly for date night. ;)

becky.onelittle said...

I have a lot of Bags right now because I can't find the PeRFECT one :) I've gotton several of mine at Goodwill for a 1.00 and they're the cute ones! My mom has bought me a few, but I can't settle on one favorite all purpose bag because I won't spend the money or the time to get one that's just right. I do get tired of being more mommy/boy schout (think omnia paratus) minded than feminine. I do think that we can be practical and feminine, I just have other priorities in the way, I guess. I like your bag!