Monday, May 3, 2010

Being a Mom

My girls will often tell me that they love me and they're glad I'm their mommy.  It makes me smile.  But, last night Autumn told me she doesn't want to be a mommy when she grows up.  She only wants to be a dance teacher.

I asked her why.

She said that I have to work too hard and that I never stop working.  It is true that I have had a ton to do the past few weeks.  I've struggled with carrying my load and my girls have seen it.  I've struggled with managing it and with my heart attitude about it.

So, I told her--if I wasn't a mommy, then I wouldn't have them and I would be very lonely.  I wouldn't get to see them every day and have them make me laugh and smile.  I can't imagine not having them.

Autumn will be a great mommy someday if that's what God has for her--I hope He does.

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Kim said...

I find it very interesting (and telling) that she thinks it's harder work to be a mommy than to have a "career." And I think you are right, she will be a good mommy some day.