Thursday, April 29, 2010


The vitamins seemed to really help last month by the way, but tonight I'm weepy.  

It's difficult sometimes to see the forest for the trees (is that the right phrase?) sometimes when things come up during times when I'm more emotional.  I wrote the previous post a few minutes ago.

I know that there is a lesson God had for me--that indeed I am often a hard person for people to love.  But, that I am not to condemn myself for it.  I am to trust God that he will use this in my life and the lives of the people I come in contact with.  Isn't that an odd thing to say?  I realize that I might be a thorn in someone's side--I might be a "bug" to someone--without realizing it or meaning to.  (I would never mean to be!)  Yet, I have to trust that God created me this way and that God is working in all things.  Those are big things to trust God with and let go of!  I tend to dwell on my mistakes and faults.  I don't want to be imperfect.  

Yet, we are all imperfect.

I am thankful for God's love.  I remember reading in one of Jerry Bridge's books about seeing our sin and receiving God's grace at the same time.  We have do both at the same time or else we will fall into a pit of despair!  Sometimes those sins aren't intentional--yet when we see them we again have to look to God and receive his grace as we repent and seek God's forgiveness of our sins.

I think I'm climbing back up onto level ground again. =)  It is God's love and grace which helps us out of the pit that the realizations of our sins and faults can put us in.

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