Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I thought I'd learned...

I thought I'd learned! I think I've taken on too many books again--at least they're all good ones. I just started In Harm's Way this morning by Irene Hannon and I'm already hooked. I really didn't wish I had a vet appointment and homeschooling today =) I'd love to just sit and read!

I'm almost done with the Silent Seduction of Self (it's taken me 3 months to read). =) I think it is going to be near the top of my very favorite book list. It has been so convicting and encouraging. I'm also reading Unashamed of the Gospel by MacArthur and Intimacy Ignited by Dillow and Pintus.

I don't know why, but I do read several books at one time. I've been picking up and setting down Unashamed of the Gospel for 3 months. It isn't one of those books I've been able to read right through.

Next on my list will be How do You Tuck in a Superhero?, Doctrine by Mark Driscoll, a princess story by Lois Lowery, Prayer Saturated Kids, and Practical Theology for Women.

Maybe my list isn't as long as I thought it was...
In any case, soon I'll be posting reviews about these books =) or maybe I mean "soon" in a relative sense =)

What are you reading?

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