Friday, February 5, 2010

Two wise quotes...

I forgot to include the parts that were well said =)

I thought these were two very wise quotes/observations by Vicky Carauna in her book The Organized Homeschooler.

"...much of the challenge of becoming or staying organized is due to the fact that we are all home much of the time. Houses don't get nearly as messy if you aren't home." p.13
Yes! I think that is totally true! Maybe that's why we feel claustrophobic in our homes after spending several days at home during a snow storm. It's so hard to keep up with everything when we're using it all the time constantly for several days in a row.


"I realized that I could only take care of myself and that I couldn't put a desire in her that just wasn't there." said after desiring to be neat in regard to her roommate who was as messy as she was. p. 13

I think the second sentence is something that I've come to realize about life in general and about relationships. It is God who works in our hearts and the hearts of others to convict. I believe that God can use us to plant seed and ideas, but it is God who is working through us in the lives of others. And I would say the same about myself. That God uses people in my life to point out things to me. Sometimes I'm able to hear and receive them and honestly, soemtimes I'm not.

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