Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Encouraging Quotes about Prayer...

"If we go to a certain friend with a special request, we usually go and ask because we believe that friend can and will help us. So it is with the Lord. It pleases Him when we ask believing that He hears and will answer."
Cynthia Heald, from Becoming a Woman of Prayer

"As we do come in Jesus' name, it is the same as though Jesus prayed. It is the same as though--let me be saying it very softly so it may seem very reverent--as though Jesus put His arm in yours and took you up to the Father, and said, "Father, here is a friend of mine; we're on good terms. Please give him anything he asks, for My sake." And the Father would quickly bend over and graciously say, "What'll you have? You may have anything you ask when My Son asks for it."
S.D. Gordon from Quiet Talks on Prayer

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