Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hard to Love

I realized tonight that I am a hard person to love.  I am the person who interrupts and misspeaks and doesn't always listen very well.  I am the person who may be preoccupied and asks you to repeat yourself.  I am the person who misses the cues about what is said and what isn't said.  

It feels horrible to be that person.  You know, I don't ever mean to be.  

I try. I really genuinely try.  But, these things still happen.  I still misspeak and miss social and verbal cues.

I was told once to think the best of someone and give them the benefit of the doubt.  

Tonight, I was with a group of gals and one of the topics was how we would respond to someone who was hard to talk to.  The thought that was in my mind was that often we don't know what's in the other person's head and heart--where they've come from and what their day's been like.  And that God often gives us people in our lives that are not easy for us to love.  

It's a humbling thing to realize that I am that person that is hard to love.

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Kim said...

First, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Second, you described something I often feel. We are all "hard to love" at times. That old ugly sinful nature keeps getting in the way. Please know you are very much loved by many people. Your tender heart and openness are an example I should follow more often.

Now, go have a wonderful week!