Friday, April 23, 2010

Turning 2...

There are moments when children are just plain cute.  This morning there was one of those moments.  I have a lot of dirt to truck back around the house and dump from the wheelbarrow.  I came around to see Eli with his little green wagon.  He was pulling it around to the dirt pile and dumping out the dandelions he had picked--just like his mommy was doing.  It was one of those moments when I just stood in awe of how much he understood and how creative he was in imitating me.

He turned 2 yesterday.  It didn't feel that much different from any other day except that we had cake and ice cream and that the girls sang Happy Birthday to him several times yesterday!  

We gave him two Tonka Trucks--the "classic" ones that are made of metal.  It's amazing how hard it was to find something that felt like it was going to stand up to a 2 year old!

I'll be honest.  Part of the reason I didn't feel especially joyful yesterday is that Eli still isn't talking but is very clear about talking back and disobeying Mommy.  If I ask him to do something.  He will adamantly shake his head and turn his body away.  He is my child that throws fits--literally he will throw himself on the floor.  So, it wasn't one of those days when I could celebrate his birthday without having to worry about disciplining him and training him up.  His disobedience and rebellious heart, (yes, I do see his rebellious and selfish heart) made him seem ungrateful.  But, his happiness over his trucks or over anything only seemed to last a moment and then back to the "no, I won't do what you tell me to" business.  

I suppose many 2 year olds are this way.  But, Autumn wasn't.   I remember Sami having a hard 2nd birthday too for a similar reason.

It's funny.  I'm certain that there are moms that would say (or maybe just think) that "you must just not be disciplining him".  

No, I am.  He is my first to throw fits. He didn't see anyone else do it in our house since my girls didn't throw fits like he does.  

I was talking to another mom at Sami's preschool today and she said the same thing about her 4 years.  He's her first to throw fits.  She agreed with me that there are some things that are unique to children--that they don't learn them from others.

Actually, he's in time out right now.  It's funny how quickly I forget the chases my girls went through when they were younger.  I have never been a big believer in "phases", but I know that behaviors do come and go.  I know this shall pass and then there will be some new parenting challenge! =)

Please don't think that I don't love my son.  I do.  But, there are definitely challenges these days in parenting him and loving him well!

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Kim said...

Happy birthday, Eli! And hang in there, Mommy. This too shall pass!