Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Better than Sheet Music...

Several years ago, I bought a copy of Intimate Issues by Dillow and Pintus. I was concerned about a friend and they had come to me for encouragement. I found a lot of sound biblical advice in Linda Dillow's book.

I didn't realize it until recently, but Linda Dillow and the gal she wrote that book with wrote a sequel to it several years ago. Dillow and Pintus set out to examine what the Song of Solomon says about sex. The book is called Intimacy Ignited. There are two ways that the Song of Solomon is usually interpreted--allegorically and literally. In this book, they have interpreted the Song of Solomon to be the literal story of the love between Solomon and Tirzah. Each chapter of the book looks at what the Song of Solomon says about making love for husbands and wives. There is a Discussion/Bible Study for couples at the end of the book as well as several good Appendices.

I'm not sure whether or not I think the Song of Solomon is meant to be interpreted literally or as an allegory of God's love for Israel or for the church. But, I found as I read through the introduction that I felt okay not being certain about this issue. I know that may sound very strange, but I found that I was willing to listen and open my heart to what the authors wanted to share. As I read through the rest of the book, all of the things the authors shared in the chapter sat well with me--there weren't any red flags in my heart that I needed to be concerned that the authors were being unwise in their advice.

Please note that the introduction is rather dry and is very matter of fact. The rest of the books is written in very different tone. So please keep reading after the introduction!

In some ways, it's a very awkward thing to write a review about book about sex. What I can say is that the book gave me some ideas about how I can love my husband better and it affirmed that I already am pursuing my husband and loving him well.

I would recommend this book over Sheet Music by Kevin Leman. They are different books. Sheet Music is much more practical in nature and this book talks more about the role that making love has in our lives and how we love our spouses well as a whole. Sheet music is practical in its approach and (from what I remember) talks specifically about the act of making love. Intimacy Ignited addresses the act as well as the stage and all of the things that affect it for both wives and husbands. This is one of those books that you feel good about after you've read. You know that you'll pick it up again and find the chapter you need. Ms. Dillow and Ms. Pintus share from their hearts they talk about the act, the stage, the things that get in the way, the things men want and those that women want, how keep your love alive, and more. It's the whole picture. There's even a chapter on how to continue to make time for each other after kids come into the picture.

This is a good book to read--whether your marriage is doing well or you are struggling. I hope that it will be encouraging to you.

Please note that I did receive a complimentary copy of this book for review by Navpress, but I liked it so well that I have already ordered and sent a copy to a friend. I do highly recommend it!

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Mel said...

Good stuff to keep in mind. I was blogging about sex today too (ironically).