Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes books grow on me...

Yesterday, I read a book that at first I thought was just okay. As I read on, it got funnier and funnier to me. Then, my husband and I sat for 15 minutes last night while I shared with him some anecdotes form the book. Amidst a stressful eating (of Sami not eating her dinner) and after a long day, it was a welcome break of laughter for us. The mark of a good book to me is starting to be that I feel the same about the book after I've read it as before. And I'm still smiling this morning when I think of this book.

For me, it's a little like when I remember a good meal I've had. The best meals are the ones that I've eaten and then still feel good about afterwards and that I'd love to have again. Sometimes, I find, that I'll enjoy a meal while I'm eating it, but then feel horrible afterwards because there was so much fat in it or because it gives me heartburn.

I feel the same way about books. There are some that I enjoy while I'm reading and that I still enjoy afterwards and feel good about. But, there are others that, though I enjoy them while I'm reading them, afterwards I don't feel as good about them and which I can't recommend whole heartedly.

By the way, I will be posting a review about the book that made us laugh (How do you tuck in a Superhero?) at the end of the month =).

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