Monday, April 5, 2010

The Silent Seduction of Self Talk

Over the past few months, I've referred to a book I've been reading titled The Silent Seduction of Self Talk by Shelly Beach. I finally finished it this morning. It took me quite a while.

This book is going to be near the very top of my favorite book list. I was blessed by the author's honesty and love for the Lord. At one point early in the book, she shared a very honest and hard story--admitting her own fault in a situation (which she actually does many times in the book) rather than sharing a story from someone' else's life. She wanted to do that, but felt the Lord impress upon her heart that she needed to share her own story. One thing I struggle with in books is when the tone and voice that authors speak with when they speak with a "teacher" voice as if they are the expert and others are far worse of than they are. It is a voice of pride and judgement. Because Ms. Beach shared her own stories, I experienced grace and the reassurance that I'm not alone in this struggle to think rightly and glorify the Lord in my thoughts and in my heart. It is that grace and reassurance which prevented me from putting up walls and instead really listen to the convicting thoughts she has to share in her book.

I realize that I haven't really shared what this book is about. The title explains it well. This book is about looking at the motives and heart behind the things we say and do. Why do we do these things? Are our reasons glorifying to God? Should we make other choices? How do we choose to think thoughts that are more glorifying to God? How do we get to the heart of our motives? In a way, that sounds very simple, but it really isn't. I think we'd all agree that our hearts and minds are complicated. We rationalize and justify the things we say and do and cover up our real motives. We think we can hide them, but really we can never hide them from God and from ourselves. It is important that we face them and that we seek God instead of ourselves.

I've already ordered 3 copies of this book for friends--I love it that much. It has encouraged me and I have been challenged and encouraged by it deeply. If I could give a book 6 stars instead of 5, this would be one of the very few books that I would do that for!

Please note that I did receive a complimentary copy of this book for review by Moody Publishing.

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