Friday, April 2, 2010


Why is it that my generation (I belong to Gen X) and generations after us always seem to think that they know more than the generations that have come before us? Why is there such a lack of respect in our generation for our elders? Why do we think that the liturgy of the church and hymns are irrelevant?

It is ironic to me that the emergent movement is saying that the seeker sensitive movement is irrelevant. It seems as if it was only a few years ago when it was the seeker sensitive movement that said to the traditional church that it (the traditional church) was irrelevant.

I'm reading a book with all of these big words and I want to be honest--I didn't understand a lot of it. I'm not dumb. I understood most of it, but the author was assuming a lot of background knowledge on the part of the reader. Most of the time I learn deep theological concepts and then I have to store them in my "attic" (as Autumn would say) because there isn't enough room in the house. Unfortunately, it's often hard to find things in my "attic".

Anyways, after reading 2 pages which identify what Jim Belcher feels are the 7 major concerns that the Emerging Church has with the Traditional Church, all I wanted to do was cry. And cry. And cry. As a culture, we respect new ideas today more than experience and wisdom. We value new ways of doing things more than traditional ways. Hymns? Only deemed relevant if... well, if what? I don't know.

Soon I will list these 7 concerns and my concerns in response that specifically grieve my heart.

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